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The Best Free Influencer Marketing Tools

by CreatorPilot Team

Influencer marketing has swiftly become the go-to solution for businesses due to its efficiency and broad reach. It has undoubtedly become a digital marketing mainstay.

Influencer marketing campaigns without the correct approach and resources can be daunting. The best influencer marketing tools are required to execute influencer marketing correctly and seamlessly.

There are various influencer marketing tools available today. They help accelerate influencer marketing and alleviate the stress that comes with it.

Some influencer marketing tools provide useful data on campaigns and the most recent social media trends. All of these can aid in making critical decisions for future campaigns.

In this article are some of the best free influencer marketing tools. They can help you get started with your influencer marketing campaign.

Some of the best free influencer marketing tools


HypeAuditor is touted to be one of the best influencer marketing tools available. It is unique for its AI, which analyzes and ranks influencers by their content and engagements. Its AI counts only genuine followers and likes and compiles a daily updated list of the world’s top influencers.

It has over 10 million Instagram and YouTube influencers in its database. You can refine your search to find the top Instagram and YouTube influencers in your niche. You can also narrow down your search by region, language, category, age, and gender to find the best influencers for your brand.

HypeAuditor is also notable for its artificial intelligence-based fraud detection. It is said to have been created for this sole purpose. It also offers a free plan with limited capabilities, and subscription plans begin at $399 per month.

The following are some of HypeAuditor’s primary features:

  • Rankings and trends
  • AI detection of fraud
  • Free influencer marketing training and certification
  • Analytics and search for influencers
  • Campaign performance monitoring


BuzzSumo is another great tool for influencer marketing and is popular among digital marketers. Its influencer discovery tool allows users to locate content creators and influencers with engaged audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It groups influencer accounts based on country and influencer activity, simplifying influencer search. Users also receive specific information for each influencer, such as page authority, domain authority, and other platform-related data.

Users can not only search for influencers, but also bloggers, journalists, and businesses. It offers a free plan to new users, and there is a 30-day trial of its subscription plans, which begin at $99 per month.

Some of its key features are:

  • Content discovery tool
  • Effective influencer search and filtering
  • Using essential parameters to evaluate and sort prospective influencers.


Klear is one of the free influencer marketing tools focused on influencer discovery. It groups influencers into a whopping 60,000 categories by niche.

It also monitors their psychographics and demographics. This enables users to select the appropriate influencers for their business and target audience.

It also helps you to track the effectiveness of influencer marketing initiatives to understand which influencers are most effective for your company.

Klear provides users with a free version that can be upgraded to a subscription plan upon request.

Some of its key features include

  • Access to nearly 500 million influencers
  • Filters to identify top influencers
  • Performance tracking in real time
  • ROI reporting, and competitor analysis


AspireIQ is one of the unique tools for influencer marketing out there. It has an algorithm that helps brands find influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates by image.

AspireIQ provides a database of over 6 million influencers and a quick match function that recommends possible influencers based on user interests.

Its automated procedure allows users to track and analyze each stage of their influencer campaign. As a result, consumers can reach a huge number of influencers while maintaining quality control.

On AspireIQ, the free plan gives you access to fundamental functions. However, to use all of its functions, you must pay a membership fee.

Some of its key features are:

  • The QuickMatch function
  • The Watchlist function
  • Instagram Stories Tracking
  • Influencer relationship management
  • Influencer campaign management


CreatorPilot is a purpose-built alternative to managing your influencer campaigns manually with spreadsheets and email. Simply upload your influencer list and as you build out your campaigns, each influencer automatically gets their own personalized dashboard – a huge time saver.

CreatorPilot’s collaborative dashboard enables you to run effective influencer campaigns with many influencers at the same time. With each influencer, you’ll be able to schedule posts, tone, timing, invoicing, and payments.

CreatorPilot is well-known for its secure and quick invoicing solution. This invoice and payment tool makes it simple to handle influencer payments. It provides an invoice and payment format for every influencer.

You can maintain your influencer relationships using CreatorPilot. Its messaging tool allows you to stay in regular contact with your influencers, letting them know your campaign preferences – without long email chains.

Get started with a free forever plan to become acquainted with the various features. Its subscription plan begins at $29.99/month USD.

Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Content calendars
  • Payments and invoices
  • Dashboards for collaboration
  • Chat and messaging
  • Creating approvals for content


Heepsy is an AI-powered influencer marketing tool. It helps you find influencers who are a good fit for your brand. You can scour its database of 7 million influencers based on location, engagements, and audience.

You can use this platform to create lists to organize influencers who fit your brand. You may also export these lists, view aggregated analytics for the entire influencer list, and contact influencers directly from the site.

Heepsy offers a free plan for new users to experiment with its features. There are also three paid plans available, beginning at $49 a month.

Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Search for influencers by handle and view their statistics.
  • Metrics and content analysis
  • Relationship management with influencers
  • Campaign management

Final thoughts

To run a successful influencer marketing campaign, you must first outline your goals and the type of influencers you want to work with. This will assist you in selecting the best influencer marketing tool for your brand.

Influencer marketing does not have to be difficult. With some of the best free influencer marketing tools listed above, you can make your campaign hassle-free!