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We are CreatorPilot.

Creating growth behind the most influential purpose-driven brands

We value long-term connections with our clients and customers

Our Mission

While we are huge fans of business applications, we believe that efficiency in general is broken. There are simply too many tools to keep track of and too many items in completely separate ecosystems.

There has to be a better way to work to perform influencer marketing, which is why we built CreatorPilot to help us achieve our aim of making the world more productive

Eventually, we hope to have all work done in CreatorPilot, making people more productive and freeing up at least 20% of their time for other activities. All of them can be replaced with a single app. The mission of CreatorPilot is to transform how businesses exist and operate in today's environment.

Our Core Values


We believe in providing the best possible customer experience to our customers


Be open and honest, yet remain optimistic.


Work hard and be a leader.

About CreatorPilot

The concept for CreatorPilot came from years of dealing with the constant hassle of making sure that both influencers and brands remained on the same page throughout their collaboration – especially when communicating via email.

This problem was made more complicated by the myriad of generic tools, platforms and apps influencers were relegated to use as a result of not having a platform specifically built to assist with the tasks included in the brand collaboration workflow.

With all of this in mind, we decided to get to work.

“At CreatorPilot we are providing critical structure and efficiency for ‘DIY’ influencer-brand collaborations”

Meet the CreatorPilot Team

CreatorPilots are highly enthusiastic, energetic, and one-of-a-kind individuals who share the goal of saving others time and making the world more productive.

Alex Gastle
CEO and Founder

Alex Gastle is the multi Award-Winning, Founder and visionary behind the ground-breaking tech startup CreatorPilot. For nearly a decade, Alex immersed himself in the industry's agency and tech side.

Successfully managing influencer campaigns for a diverse variety of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands – including household names like General Mills.

Dominic Banguis
Head of Marketing

Dominic Banguis is an experienced marketer, entrepreneur, marketing coach and startup advisor. As a CMO and Head of Marketing for multiple startups, Dominic has led branding and growth marketing efforts that saw an increase in inbound traffic, leads, and total marketing reach by 50% on a monthly basis.

Dominic has co-created the Product / Market Fit Canvas to assist Startups and Entrepreneurs with a framework to test and validate their hypotheses and assumptions

What people say about CreatorPilot

You guys (and gals) rock! CreatorPilot has made me ditch my spreadsheet and other tools, and allowed me to streamline all of my influencer marketing campaigns more efficiently

Mark Sorensen, Marketing Manager
Ontario, Canada