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How It Works In 3 Easy Steps



Depending on the size of your campaign, upload your influencer list via CSV or each influencer one-by-one to get started.


Add your campaign deliverables, required messaging, budget management and more. As you do this, CreatorPilot will populate each influencer's own dashboard in real time.


With a single click you can share each influencer's dashboard with them. Your done! Your campaign is now underway!
running an online business Simplified Influencer Campaign Management

Simplified Influencer Campaign Management That Fit Your Needs

Why use multiple tools from different platforms, when you only need ONE.

With CreatorPilot, Have Complete Control.
Save 20+ Hours a Week When Managing Your Influencer Campaigns.

Automated Notifications

No more panicky late-night wakeups. Set up content calendars for every influencer, view them by collaboration or all in one screen. They'll receive automated reminders 2 days before and on each due date that you set.

Better Team Communication

No more long email chains! Instead of spending an hour in vain in your inbox, each influencer gets its own dashboard too. That means they get automated real-time updates on your requests and all of your messages in one spot.

Easy Invoicing and Billing

Sick and tired of every influencer sending a different invoice format? What about different payment methods? With CreatorPilot, there’s a single invoice and payment format for every influencer. Paying influencer invoices has never been easier.
content calendars setup

Hear From Influencers Who Found Success With CreatorPilot

"So many partnerships, so little time! CreatorPilot helps me to never miss a due date, send multiple invoices and monitor different brand partnerships all at once! The best thing about it is that it's all in one place, easily accessible and super user friendly."
Kristina Micic
"When I found about CreatorPilot my excitement was out of this world. With everything in one place, I can now easily manage my campaigns and stay organized with CreatorPilot."
To have all my deadlines, invoices and content schedules all under one hub will save me so much time on the backend - allowing me to have more time to seek new collaborations!"
"I have been using CreatorPilot for a few months now and it has really helped me as an influencer to stay organized. I even get reminders when I have campaign deadlines coming up! Great tool!"
"I used to do all my planning in my planner and set deadline reminders on my phone which was great! However, thanks to CreatorPilot, I can do all my planning on one platform! It's so easy to use and convenient!"
Before, I used to just write things down in my planner, and mentally jot down that I have campaigns for the upcoming week. This is the best resource for an influencer."

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