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Join CreatorPilot’s Beta Program – Help Shape Our Influencer Management Platform

by CreatorPilot Team

Help make the next versions of CreatorPilot our best yet. As a member of the CreatorPilot Beta Program, you can take part in shaping CreatorPilot by providing feedback on our current platform iteration and possibly test-driving new features before they’re released publicly and letting us know what you think.

What is a Beta Program?

Beta programs are a method of product/feature testing done with product users. It is the final round of testing performed before a product is finally released to everyone.

Usually, a nearly completed version of the product, known as the beta version, is opened to a limited number of users for testing. Beta testing is done to gain feedback on accessibility, usability, reliability, functionality, and more.

Why Beta?

CreatorPilot is dedicated to offering our users the most advanced and innovative experience. At the same time, we want CreatorPilot to be easy-to-use, intuitive, and, most importantly – full of tools and options that YOU want to see.

One of the best ways of fulfilling our promise is by letting people around the world test out our current interaction as well as the latest features just before they’re released to everyone else.

This is why we’re so excited about our Beta Program! After signing up, you will be part of a select group that will have input on how to improve our next iteration. The best part of it all is your ability to give us feedback in real-time.

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    How do I Beta?

    What do we need from our beta-testers? Your feedback! Our team will send out a weekly feedback form that will guide you through assessing our platform. 

    As a beta-tester, you will be asked to join a community dedicated to all the latest updates and announcements. The community is run by CreatorPilot’s team dealing with the platform’s inner workings, meaning you’ll get news and information straight from them!

    In the community, we will send out surveys and polls about the features we are testing. The more feedback you provide us with, the better the platform will be in its next versions and the better experience you will have while using CreatorPilot.

    Most importantly, though, is that you will enjoy a sneak preview of some of our latest features, technologies, and innovations.

    With all that said, beta versions can also be less stable than the widely released ones since our developers still work on them. We recommend keeping this in mind if you choose to join the beta program. Places in the Beta Program are limited – if you’re interested in joining, do it now.

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