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Hypetrace: Features, Pricing, Benefits, and Drawbacks

by CreatorPilot Team

Influencer marketing can be very competitive, and without making connections with the right influencers, your influencer marketing campaign can become a hassle.

To make the right collaborations with influencers for your influencer marketing campaign, you need to make use of influencer search engine tools. These tools help you find your desired influencers without breaking a sweat.

Hypetrace is an influencer search engine tool that you can use to search and analyze over 2 million TikTok and Instagram influencers. You can better define your search with its filters and conveniently export influencer info and contact data to CSV files.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the different features Hypetrace has to offer, the plans available, and some of its benefits and drawbacks.  

Hypetrace features and functions

Influencer search filters

Hypetrace is a good option for you to search for TikTok and Instagram influencers. There are different filters you can use to streamline your search. 

Some of the filters include:


You can choose the platform you want to search from, either TikTok or Instagram. But you can leave the column blank if you want results for influencers from both TikTok and Instagram. 


In your influencer search, you want to target influencers in the specific niche you are interested in. With the Topic search filter, you can include the niche you want to search for an influencer in. 

This will help you target specific influencers and streamline the results you get, rather than having to sift through a long list of random influencers.

However, this Topic filter is not so effective. This is because searching for influencers in some niches gives you no results. There are a ton of topics in this filter, but a lot of these topics don’t have any results. This means that they don’t have data on influencers in such niches.

So it may be better to leave the topic filter blank to be able to see the influencers they have.


With the Reach filter, you can streamline the type of influencers you are looking for based on the number of followers they have.

So, you can choose from either Nano, Micro, Macro, or Mega. The Nano influencers have a reach of between 1k-10k, the Micro-influencers have a reach of between 10k-50k, the Macro has a reach of between 50k-500k, and the Mega has 500k+ reach.


You can use the Country filter to channel your influencer search to a particular country.


One of the unique features of Hypetrace is that when you search for influencers, you also get their contact emails. 

All you have to do is tick the “HAS EMAIL” box, and you’ll get a list of influencers with their contact emails.

Fine-tune search

Aside from the regular filters listed above, users have the opportunity to narrow down their influencer search by including some additional criteria. 

The extra filters to narrow your influencer search include:


Apart from choosing the country where you want to conduct your influencer search, you can also select the city where you want to search. This filter will help you make well-targeted searches and save you the time you’ll spend scrolling back and forth.


You can also narrow down your influencer search to only verified accounts. So you’ll only get verified influencers in your search results. This can save you from collaborating with fake influencer accounts.

Engagement rates, gender, and followers

You can search for influencers based on their engagement rates and the number of followers they have. 

This can help you compare different influencer engagement rates and help you decide who to collaborate with. You can also filter your search by gender.

Influencer list export

Another unique feature of Hypetrace is the export to CSV feature. With this feature, you can export the contact information of an influencer out of Hypetrace.

All you need to do is select the influencers whose details you want to export and proceed to click the little button that says CSV export. However, to export influencer data, you’ll need credits. 

Credits are deducted from your account for each influencer’s info you export. I’ll talk more about credits when discussing the different plans available.

Plans and pricing

Hypetrace has four plans: the Lite plan, the Starter plan, the Pro plan, and the Agency plan.

Lite plan

The Lite plan is free, but it only allows you a limited number of search results. You only have access to a handful of search filters, and not all of them are available. 

The free plan gives you no credits. You also don’t have access to the Export to CSV button, so you can’t export influencer details.

Starter plan

The Starter plan goes for $49 per month. Users are entitled to all the perks available on the free plan, and they also get more access to search results. Users can export influencer details to CSV and also get 100 credits for every month they subscribe.

Pro plan

Heeptrace’s Pro plan costs $99/month. It is a better option for new brands compared to the Starter Plan. Users get 250 credits for every month they subscribe. The Pro plan comes with all the features available on the Starter plan, and users have access to more search filters.

Agency plan

The Agency Plan costs $499 per month, and it gives users full access to all the search filters available. They also get a whopping 2000 credits when they subscribe to the plan. 


  • It is ideal for e-commerce brands, and marketing firms.
  • On the site, you can see an influencer’s recent TikTok or Instagram post. You can also view how many people are engaging with their posts.
  • It’s easy to find targeted influencers.


  • Except you sign up, you can’t do much on the platform. You will only be able to see a few details on the page.
  • You cannot search for Facebook or YouTube influencers; only TikTok and Instagram influencers can be found on the platform.

Final thoughts

Hypetrace may not be the best platform for running your influencer marketing campaign, but it can help you locate the influencers you desire to work with.

With its search filters, you can easily find influencers on TikTok and Instagram. It also allows you to export influencer details to CSV, so you can export a list of the influencers you want and upload it to CreatorPilot to manage your influencer campaign.