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How to get Tiktok Famous

by CreatorPilot Team

more followers on TikTok

TikTok is an application that gained notoriety during 2020; with many individuals aspiring to make a career on the application, it is imperative to create a strategy for yourself before you make your account.

How do you get famous and more followers on TikTok?

1.Post consistent, high-quality, unique content
To get famous on TikTok and appear on more for you pages, you must consistently post high-quality, unique content. Gaining a following on TikTok will help push your account to those users’ followers. Your account will be featured on the for you page and other users (that may be similar to your account).
Content should be thought out, well-edited, and appear high-quality in terms of video resolution.
Your content should be unique so that it stands out from other users. An example is creating relatable content expressed through irony, historical information or even a very well-produced what I eat in a day.

2.It does not hurt to jump on the latest trends!
TikTok allows you to duet with other creators – you can respond or react to already existing TikTok videos which may be helpful if you are trying to get a well-known user’s following!
Lip syncing, dance, and music videos are popular on TikTok. Make sure you keep an eye out for the latest trend on your for you page. Becoming a meme is also a helpful way of becoming famous on TikTok.

3.Find your niche
TikTok may be overwhelming; it is easy to jump onto the latest TikTok trends. But this may end up being confusing.
You may start with one type of audience, but changing your content to attract a new audience may lead to your old audience unfollowing your account.

Find and stick to your niche stick!
Remember, you want to curate a loyal following that is willing to stick with you on your TikTok journey. Be as authentic as you possibly can – unless you believe that all publicity is good publicity, in which case formulate your brand according to your target audience.

4.Collaborate with other TikTokers
Attempt to network and collaborate with TikTokers in your area. It is important to cultivate friendships within the community (which also makes their audience familiar with you).
You can interact with TikTokers that are not in your area by duetting their video or liking their TikToks. Leave comments on their videos and direct message them.

5.Collaborate with brands
make money with tiktok
You can do this by reaching out to smaller brands and creators and asking to feature their products or advertise their services on your page (to your audience). In the beginning, you may have to do it for free. But, eventually, brands might reach out to you.
By charging brands for featuring their brand on your page, you can make money on the app.

Your video(s) will show up on a hashtag. So make sure you are picking your hashtags carefully!
Do not forget to include popular hashtags but ensure that the hashtags are relevant as well.

7.Interact with your audience!
You can do this when a user leaves a comment on your video or by encouraging them to engage with you on other social media platforms.
By linking all your social media accounts to one another you are maximising your audience growth as well as interaction with your audience (on different social media platforms).

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    But does TikTok pay?

    how to get famous on tiktok
    TikTok is not very forthcoming with how much influencers get paid from the application. But it is a definite yes.
    You need to have a large following (at least a few thousand) to be paid (a small or large) amount of money.
    The easiest way to make money from TikTok is by being paid to curate ads on your account. Creating a Patreon account is another way to make money – Patreon is a website that creators can use to post unseen content that audience members pay for.
    TikTok also allows its users to go on live and collect donations from their users (in the same way the website Twitch) does.