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How To Get Swipe Up On Instagram Stories

by CreatorPilot Team

Get Swipe Up On Instagram Stories

How to get the ‘Swipe up’ feature on Instagram Stories

Instagram is a social media application that has become all the range for ‘influencers.’

The reason for this is because it helps content creators (influencers) build their brand; by allowing influencers to engage and interact with their audience.

There are various features made available to influencers, one of which is the swipe up feature.

What is the Instagram swipe up feature?
The Instagram swipe up feature is a direct link that can be added to the user’s posts. It is largely used on Instagram stories when the influencer needs to include a direct link to a petition, an article, a website/product that they are promoting.

This is useful for an influencer’s audience to access the information or product when the influencer is being sponsored, featured or promoted by other brands.

One of the disadvantages of the Instagram swipe feature is that you have to have a verified account or 10,000 (or more) followers. This can be seen as exclusive and exclusionary for smaller brands and influencers who cannot access and use the swipe up feature.
The content you can promote through the feature include:

  • Blog posts;
  • Products or stores;
  • Tickets or RSVPs to events, workshops and so on;
  • Landing pages;
  • YouTube videos;
  • Petitions.

And more.

(But stay till the end of the article to find out how you can use the swipe up feature without having 10,000 followers).

How can you use the Instagram swipe up feature for your brand?

How to get swipe up instagram stories
If your account has 10,000 followers then there will not be a lot of steps required for you to access the swipe up feature; the swipe up feature will already be made available to you.

When you upload an Instagram story, you should be able to find an icon at the top of the screen; two interlinked chains where you can paste the URL of the link you want your audience to access.

The hyperlink will be available at the bottom of the post – “see more” – that allows the user to swipe up and be redirected to the link.

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    How can I use it without being verified or having 10,000 followers?

    If you are not verified or do not have 10,000 followers you can still access the swipe up feature.
    But you have to change your account to a business account.

    There will still be the interlinked chain (icon) at the top of the story; it will take you to a page that will let you create an IGTV video.

    More Options Setting
    Photo courtesy of Paza Sauti Kenya

    Paza Sauti KenyaPhoto courtesy of Paza Sauti Kenya

    IGTV videos are longer videos that allow you to add the link in the description of this video. You can use the IGTV feature to create promotional videos that you can add to your story.

    When you post a story, you can include a ‘call to action feature; that allows the hyperlink to appear through your IGTV library (the video you want to attach will appear on the featured story).

    Your audience will be redirected to the IGTV video and the relevant promotional content that you are trying to promote.

    Other ways of attaching a swipe up link are with ad managers but this may cost you money.

    So, why is the Instagram swipe up feature important?

    Instagram Story Swipe Up

    The Instagram swipe up feature is important to any influencer, big or small, because it is a direct call-to-action that users can use. It becomes tedious to change your bio’s links and your linktree information; your audience may forget or not be interested in going and checking your bio after they exit your story.

    The real-time redirection provided by the hyperlink (through the swipe up feature) is effective and efficient.

    You can build brand recognition and strength while learning how to create graphics and market/promote your brand.

    This is a particularly useful skill for smaller influencers and brands as they may not be able to hire a professional PR or marketing team. Because, by learning how to create graphics, the influencer/blogger can curate specific content for the product their promoting.

    To continue growing as a brand you have to keep curating content; this does not have to be just from posting on your Instagram account but also from sponsorships and by increasing the swipes or interaction on your Instagram stories.