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How To Create an Influencer Invoice

by CreatorPilot Team

The emergence of the pandemic opened new frontiers for influencer marketing, and it has since made big advancements. 

Influencers have been brought into the limelight and are at the forefront of influencer marketing. 

But no influencer will promote your product without adequate compensation. Payment for influencing services is mostly determined by engagements, views, likes, and some other factors. 

An influencer invoice template will help you organize payment information efficiently for the services rendered. 

An invoice for influencers is a document an influencer sends to a brand to collect payment for services rendered or due to be completed. 

A properly drafted invoice for influencers would include the services delivered, as well as the agreed rate per service and payment information.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create an influencer invoice, and why creating an influencer invoice template is important. You’ll also get tips on how best to brand your influencer invoice templates. Let’s begin

How to create an invoice

When creating an invoice for influencers, there are certain details that need to be included. Details like the invoice number, contact details, a breakdown of costs, and some other add-ons. 

The following are some of the several tools available that you can employ to create your influencer invoice template.

Google Docs

Google Docs invoicing is one of the new alternatives that is quickly replacing old invoicing techniques such as handwritten forms. It offers users a free solution to bill their clients.

You can access it by creating a Gmail account. It allows you to quickly build your desired invoice template, store it on your local computer, and send it to your clients online.

If you like, you can create a free influencer invoice template in Google Docs in one format and export it to another. You may also invite people to review or amend your template before sending it.

Because Google Docs is a cloud-based app, you don’t have to worry about the security of your invoices. You can also encrypt it and access it whenever you want online, or give others permission to do so.


Canva’s free invoice creator lets you design professional-looking invoices for influencers within minutes. It allows you to maintain a consistent brand by including your own logo, brand colors, and fonts.

There are hundreds of configurable invoice templates available for you to use. However, you have the option of creating your own invoice from start. Canva’s free invoice generator allows you to save and duplicate your design with a single click.

When you’re happy with how your influencer invoice looks, send it to your clients via email. Simply click the share button to let them see the design. You can also save your design as a high-resolution PDF or jpg file and print it.


FreshBooks is a complete invoicing and bookkeeping solution for small businesses. It has three pricing tiers, but the Lite plan is considered the best for influencers.

It is primarily intended for invoicing, although it also contains accounting features. You may send unlimited invoices and estimates to clients using FreshBooks. They provide exceptional customer service and have won praise from their users.


Choosing an invoicing tool can be a hassle, and some of these invoicing tools are not tailor-made for influencer partnerships.

So, how about onboarding to a tool that is actually tailor-made for influencer transactions? a tool that considers all the peculiarities of influencer marketing and automates those repetitive processes.

CreatorPilot provides a unique influencer invoicing solution at an affordable price. You can prevent invoice and payment confusion by using CreatorPilot’s invoicing&payments solution.

If you use CreatorPilot, you won’t need to develop an influencer invoice template because it includes contracts and invoice templates. Invoices will be sent to you in the same format, and the details will be automatically entered based on the details of each campaign.

As a result, by using CreatorPilot, you will save the time, money, and resources required to design your own influencer invoice from scratch.

Why do you need to create an invoice?

Whether your brand is the new kid on the block or an established brand, creating an invoice for your brand’s transactions is essential.

Invoices are useful to both your brand and the influencer. They indicate the amount, date, and other vital information about payments for transactions or collaborations. They also help track revenue and expenses.

The following are some of the reasons why creating an invoice is important

Legal protection

As a business owner, you don’t want to face lawsuits from influencers over claims of unpaid work. The invoice serves as evidence that you have paid for the services of the influencer. 

It also highlights what type of service was rendered; this way, you know what has been paid for and what is left.

Outlines work done

A good invoice template contains all the details of the work done.

This can help avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings with your influencer regarding which campaign has been paid for and which hasn’t. 

Keeping records

One of the major purposes of invoices is to keep track of how much your business is spending. With influencer invoices, you can keep track of influencer campaigns that have been paid for.

Also, influencer invoices let you track how much you are spending on campaigns. This will help you measure how much you invest in influencer campaigns and determine your growth. 

How to brand your invoice

Although invoices are not intended to be works of art, a well-drafted invoice for influencers can result in faster payments and smoother workflows.

You want to come out as professional as possible when producing an influencer invoice.

Aside from the basic data of an influencer invoice, you should include your company’s logo and colors.

Maintaining a consistent influencer invoice template not only shows your clients that you are a professional, but it also aids in branding because it promotes your brand.


Invoicing tools are useful for compensating influencers for their efforts. Good invoicing software should be feature-rich, simple to use, mobile-friendly, and reasonably priced.

There are numerous choices available, but none are as effective as a platform designed just for influencer invoicing.

CreatorPilot provides one of the best custom tools for influencer invoicing. It can also accept payments in multiple currencies.