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How Do I Become a LinkedIn Influencer?

by CreatorPilot Team

Become a LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn is a popular, well-known, professional network on the internet; LinkedIn users can connect with colleagues, strangers and even potential employers/clients.
It works similar to an application like Facebook; users can post their content (such as writing and art projects) or school and work updates for their connections.

What and who is a LinkedIn influencer?

A LinkedIn influencer is an individual who has a large, organic following. They are often regarded as a “thought leader” within the industry.

What is a “thought leader”?

A thought leader is an individual who has and shares their informed opinion and expertise in various areas of interest.
As a result, these thought leaders become trusted individuals due to their knowledge and charm. They can create and curate through a dedicated fan following, group of friends and family with the same interest and mutual persons in the industry.
As a thought leader grows so does their influence. A thought leader, like any regular social media influencer, can collaborate with other thought leaders and brands.
Thought leaders are different from regular influencers due to their organic growth; you are being sought out for your ideas and opinions within the field of interest.

So, how do I become a LinkedIn influencer?

What is a LinkedIn Influencer
LinkedIn influencing is still fairly new; LinkedIn makes the ultimate decision as to who becomes a LinkedIn influencer.
But these tips and tricks may help push you to your “thought leader” goal!

a) Make your brand known.
Everyone loves a good story so consider the following: what is your origin story? Is it a story that can go “viral”? Can you articulate it into a video?
Be vulnerable, authentic and engaging with your brand’s origin story!

b) Make your content stand out.
Marketing is your friend; you want something impactful, eye-catching and palette-able. Find ways of getting your audience to view, like and comment on the post (to get the algorithm on your side).

c) Add value to your audience!
Your audience may not be concerned with your latest promotion, but they will be curious to know how you got it. An up-and-coming advocate fresh out of law school will be interested in learning how you, as a thirty-year old, became the youngest associate in your law firm.

d) If at first, you do not succeed, do not give up, try again!
Just because your content was not well received does not mean you should give up. Influencing, like any industry, is all about trial and error. Find the best marketing strategy for you and play around with the different types of content (work) that you should put out there.

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    So, why is it important to be a LinkedIn influencer?

    How to become a LinkedIn influencer
    “With great power comes great responsibility.”
    Consider your profession to be your brand.
    You will be able to grow a credible audience with like-minded professionals and grow your reach by optimising your LinkedIn profile.
    As a LinkedIn influencer, you have the opportunity, authority and power to persuade people with your ideas and status. Your “clout” – outreach and influence – is widespread to your connections and their connections alike.
    As a LinkedIn influencer, you are considered an innovator; you can create and curate your content – such as writing blog articles and circulating them on your LinkedIn account. You may receive invitations to big panel discussions or even be commissioned to work with a big company.
    If your goal is to grow in your profession, especially in areas such as law and business, then becoming a LinkedIn influencer may be beneficial to your brand.

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