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Heepsy: Features, Pricing, Benefits, and Drawbacks

by CreatorPilot Team


In your influencer marketing journey, finding the right influencer that fits your brand or niche is important to the success of your campaign. However, finding one can become a hassle. But some tools offer the opportunity to find influencers that are fit for purpose without much hassle, Heepsy is one of those tools.

Heepsy is a tool designed to help brands in their influencer marketing journey. It helps them find influencers that are well-suited to their business or niche. With a large influencer database,  Heepsy offers one of the best search filters for finding influencers all over the world.

It is a one-stop shop for influencer marketing, providing users with audience demographics, authenticity research, influencer lists, and exports.

Brands can use Heepsy to locate the ideal influencers, optimize campaigns with comprehensive audience targeting options, and track campaign results with detailed statistics.

More about Heepsy!

Founded in 2016, Heepsy is a cloud-based influencer search engine designed to help brands find influencers on social media for their influencer marketing campaign by specific locations, categories, audience demographics, and engagement rates.

It also provides everything brands need to manage their influencer marketing campaigns from finding the right influencers to managing campaigns and measuring ROI. 

With it, brands can compare campaign progress and engagement across multiple influencers. Its artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be used to search for influencers by specific keywords, community size, gender, social media platforms, languages, countries, and more. 

Let’s take a look at its features and available plans.


Advanced search filter

Heepsy’s filter makes it easy to find influencers, it uses AI to make your influencer search results as precise as you need them to be. It offers powerful filters that help narrow down influencer search results. 

This helps to target the right influencers for your marketing campaigns and collaborate with them. You get access to several sets of filters depending on the plan you have purchased. Filters like:

  • Category
  • location
  • Engagement Rate
  • Contact

For niche searches, you can use the filter options like followers, engagement, metrics, and more. Its filter can also search for influencers using keywords, language, and social media platforms.

Influencer analytics

Heepsy’s influencer analytics can be used to measure follower spikes and compare different influencer metrics to help decide whom to work with.

Also, you don’t have to be worried about collaborating with the wrong influencer because it can easily spot fake accounts. You can review the profile metrics of influencers and analyze their audience.

Heepsy’s AI software allows you to analyze the audience and engagements of each influencer through their fake follower indicators. You’ll be provided access to the follower growth rate graph and can analyze the growth of each influencer’s followers over time.

So, you’ll be able to know if you should work with a certain influencer or not.

Organizing and exporting influencer lists

After identifying your perfect influencer using Heepsy, you can go ahead to create influencer lists for several niches and export this data to contact the influencers and launch your campaign.

You can create a list of influencers who fit your brand, download the CSV file, and then contact them to collaborate.

So, with Heepsy, what would ordinarily take days or weeks of research takes only a few clicks. This saves you time and money.


Heepsy has a free plan and three paid plans you can choose from. This makes Heepsy one of the most easily accessible influencer search tools available.

Free plan

With the free plan, you can try out the website and carry out influencer searches using the filters.

Starter plan

The Starter plan costs $49 a month, and users get access to Heepsy’s 7M influencer database. Users can also make influencer lists and take notes.

The starter plan gives you access to use the following search filters:

  • Keyword search
  • Category Filter
  • Location
  • Follower
  • Order by followers

It also offers 10 influencer analytics reports through the following channels:

  • Audience Score
  • Advanced metrics
  • Cost estimate
  • Brand mentions

Business plan

Heepsy’s Business Plan costs $169 a month. It gives access to all the perks available on the starter plan, while also giving users the chance to create influencer lists and export them.

The customer service team at Heepsy offers users premium customer support as well. While the starter plan gives access to 10 influencer analytics reports, the business plan gives access to 60 influencer analytics reports.

Gold plan

The Gold Plan Starts at $269 per month, with access to advanced influencer search and audience search.

The Gold Plan contains all the features available on the Business Plan plus the chance to connect multiple devices to the account. Users also get to vet influencers to determine the authenticity of their followers and engagements.


  • You get a free trial to test out the platform if it will be a good influencer marketing platform for your brand. You can use this account for an unlimited time, which is much more than other influencer platforms give you.
  • It’s an excellent tool for connecting influencers with genuine audiences. You can assess the quality of engagement among the influencer’s audience.
  • The platform also allows you to create influencer lists and export influencer data.
  • Heepsy also has post metric tools that allow you to determine the price range of influencers’ videos and posts.


  • Compared to other platforms on the market, the cost of getting full access to the platform’s features might be a bit on the high side.
  • The platform can be a bit overwhelming for new users.
  • Heepsy primarily targets Instagram influencers with little focus on other social media influencers.
  • Their platform is mainly geared toward B2C brands and is not the ideal fit for B2B brands.

Final thoughts

Partnering with an influencer that fits your brand is important to the success of your influencer campaign. Rather than looking through several social platforms for the right influencer, using an influencer search engine will greatly minimize your stress and make your search a breeze.

Heepsy is without a doubt one of the best influencer search tools available. It is simple to use and includes a myriad of search filters that allow users to quickly find the influencers they are looking for.

You can also create an influencer list CSV after finding your desired influencers. You can then export it and upload it to CreatorPilot to manage your influencer campaign.