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8 Reasons to Switch Your Influencer Campaign Management Platform

by CreatorPilot Team

change influencer platforms


Let’s face it, today social media marketing has become a leading marketing strategy used by various brands, and influencers are at the heart of this strategy. 

This has led brands to devote substantial time and money to running a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing has  become increasingly popular among digital marketers and small business owners. According to an analysis, influencer marketing was worth $13.8 billion in 2021. It has also been determined to be 90% effective.

Rather than hunting for influencers fit for their needs, brands use influencer management platforms to do so.

Have you got an influencer management platform? Is it performing up to par?

Now, not all influencer management platforms perform up to par, and not all are fit for your purpose. In choosing one, you will consider its features, pricing, ROI, influencer discovery range, and a couple of other things.

Does your influencer campaign management platform lack key capabilities or is expensive? It may be time to switch platforms.

In this post, we will discuss why you should change your influencer campaign management platform. Let’s get started.

Why should you switch your influencer management platform?

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, you want a platform that will develop and evolve with you and your needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch influencer management platforms:

Subscription cost

This is a very important factor. Your budget goes a long way towards determining the type of platform that you subscribe to. For instance, if you can no longer bear the cost of subscribing to a platform, you need to switch to a more affordable platform. 

You may also want to switch your influencer marketing platform if your current platform has increased its subscription fees. can be a good alternative. Creatorpilot offers you top-quality features at an affordable price. It offers users two subscription plans: Lite and Plus. 

The Lite plan is ideal for starters, with a $0 subscription fee and a 2.5% invoice payment per month. Subscribers get a team member, a campaign, accessibility to 15 influencers, and basic support from the support team. 

The Plus plan is suitable for those with a large budget and a large campaign. Subscribers get unlimited team members, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited influencers. They also get priority support from the support team. All this for $29.99 per month. 

Creatorpilot removes its brand from the dashboards of those subscribed to this plan as opposed to subscribers on the Lite plan. 

Uploading your spreadsheets and influencer lists

Not all influencer management platforms have every influencer. Some platforms focus solely on influencers on Instagram. So, if you organically searched and built a list of influencers you are looking to work with on a spreadsheet, are you able to upload that spreadsheet to the platform?

Making use of a platform that allows you to upload your spreadsheet or list of influencers helps speed up the setting up of your campaign strategy. You get to continue with the information you have already compiled rather than having to start afresh with your search.

Creatorpilot gives subscribers room to upload their spreadsheets and CSV’s, easing the campaign process.


Does the platform’s communication capabilities enable a variety of communication choices for influencers?

Using a platform that facilitates external connection with influencers alleviates the tension associated with talking with your influencers. Your team can effortlessly reach out to the influencers with a direct link to their account.

With Creatorpilot, you can quickly and easily approve or request changes to your influencers’ draft content. This is possible thanks to the Draft content approval feature.

Also, a platform that offers a form of influencer marketplace, encompassing the entire influencer process, makes the communication seamless and makes it fast.’s messaging and chat features offer you this benefit. It allows you to communicate with every influencer you are working with. It also gives you access to their campaign details on the same screen.

Influencer collaborations

The ability to work with multiple influencers is one of the biggest benefits of using an influencer marketing platform. So, ensure there are no limits to how many creators you can work with.

With’s collaborative dashboard tool, brands can manage all their influencers and campaigns on one easy-to-use dashboard regardless of how big or small your influencer campaign is.

Free trials or demos of subscription plans

The easiest way to find out if an influencer marketing platform is right for your organization is to give it a trial. Free trials allow you to explore a platform for a limited period in order to test the product for yourself. A free demo is a format where an expert leads you through the platform to demonstrate how it works.

If a platform does not provide a free demo or trial period, you should generally look elsewhere. There are plenty of high-quality alternatives that will allow you to test the platform before investing.

Both of Creatorpilot’s subscription plans, Lite and Plus, offer subscribers a free demo session. This helps prospective subscribers get the hang of how the platform works.

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    Is the platform user-friendly?

    An influencer marketing platform needs to be easy to use. It must be simple. Otherwise, you may spend more time figuring out how to use the platform than knowing how to manage your campaigns.

    There are various methods to determine whether an influencer marketing platform is simple to use. Do you find the user interface easy to use? What are the reviews from other users on the platform?

    You should also make certain that the influencer marketing platform you use has a staff of specialists ready to assist you. When you run into problems or make a technical blunder, you want to get help as soon as possible. 

    Content calendar

    Content calendars help manage all your content deliverables. Subscribing to a platform that has this feature makes missed deadlines non-existent.’s content calendar tool offers you a list or a general calendar format for a high-level view of every deliverable from every campaign.

    You can eliminate missed deadlines using this tool. Your influencers will be notified by email two days before and on the day of your deadline. As a result, you do not need to set reminders.

    This tool also aids you in staying organized by allowing you to easily manage content for each campaign. You may customize your content calendars to fit a certain campaign you’re working on.


    Can you directly pay influencers through the platform?

    A platform with payment management features makes payments to influencers seamless. Such platforms make it easy to pay influencers without having to leave the platform.

    The invoice and payments tool on gives you the option of paying all your influencers with a single invoice format. You can also easily receive and track invoices with this feature.


    Most brands demand a lot of structure when they first start. Campaigns get increasingly tailored over time and may even grow into ambassador programs. 

    The ever-changing nature of this sector is why brands invest in a platform that will provide structure as well as the capacity to grow over time.

    It goes without saying that when a platform does not perform to your satisfaction, a change is required. With the perks available to subscribers on it is a suitable platform for your influencer marketing campaign. Try out the demo today to understand how the platform works.