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Your Brand Campaigns Made Easier

“Each influencer is a small [or quite large] business, yet as these businesses grow, they are left to piece together a management process with tools and apps that generally aren’t designed for their specific needs. To me, that doesn’t make sense.

- Alex Gastle, Founder

Easy Set Up

You don't need to be a tech expert. It only takes a few minutes to set up each campaign.

Friendly Support 

We are committed to making your brand campaigns easier.

If you get stuck we'll guide you through it.

Constant Improvement

Just like your next piece of content, we are allways working on new features to help you. 

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Who We Help

Influencers and content creators who:

  • Partner with brands already

  • Get paid for their content creation in brand campaigns

  • Are motivated to work with more brands each month

  • Want to continue to build and maintain their own brand relationships

  • Have felt frustrated or overwhelmed managing multiple brand campaigns at one time

  • Want to focus on their content creation

  • Wonder about ways they could be more efficient 

Who We Aren't A Fit For

Influencers and content creators who:

  • Don't partner with brands

  • Have an agent or management team (unless they want to use CreatorPilot)

  • Are content with the number of brands that they work with 

  • Don't get paid for their content creation in brand campaigns

  • View their content creation as more of a hobby than a business 

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