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Change for the better

We’ve seen brands and agencies thrive with CreatorPilot. We believe you will, too. That’s why you can use it without a paid subscription right away and upgrade at any time. As your needs expand, CreatorPilot is ready to grow with you.

2 ways to use CreatorPilot

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Affordable Pricing
Per month
2.5% per invoice payment

  • Ideal for getting started
  • 1 team member
  • 1 campaign
  • 15 influencers
  • Basic support
Affordable Content
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0.5% per invoice payment

  • Ideal for larger budgets & campaigns
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited influencers
  • Priority support
  • Remove CreatorPilot branding from influencer dashboards

Frequently asked questions


1. What’s wrong with what I'm using now to manage my brand collaborations?

Everyone has a system they’ve used to get by, the way they've always done it. But the influencers and bloggers who are serious about making money online know that organization matters — and so does the toolset you choose to work with. Upgrade your approach with our free access and see for yourself.

2. Do I have to connect my social media account?

No, you don't! And we still offer the ability to help you with analytics.

3. Can brands discover me on CreatorPilot?

No, CreatorPilot is a platform to help you manage your brand collaborations that you receive through your DMs or email inbox. Think of us as the concierge that helps make sure brands “enjoy their stay” every single time they interact with you.

4. I only work with one or two brands per month, is CreatorPilot for me?

Yes! CreatorPilot will make your life easier even with only a few collaborations each month. Getting set up on CreatorPilot will give you a tool that you can grow with as you work with more brands.

5. If I have an agent or an assistant, can I use CreatorPilot?

Yes! CreatorPilot can be used as a tool for your assistant or agent to better organize their work for you.