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Messaging & Chat

Eliminate Long Email Chains With Influencers And Spend Less Time In Your Inbox

Our internal chat function makes it quick and easy to communicate with every influencer you are working with and immediately access their campaign details in the same screen.

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Keep Influencer Communication Simple With Our Messaging & Chat

Our system makes it quick and easy to communicate with your influencers and answer their questions without cluttering your inbox.

Your Brand Contact Dashboard

SIMPLE Communication with Brands
SIMPLE Communication with Influencers

No more tearing your hair out over painful back and forth email chains. Keep things simple with an internal chat between you and the influencers you’re working with right on your dashboard.

Easy Access to Important Information
Easy Access to Important Information

Pull up all of the details specific to any campaign you’re running and any previous communication with an influencer in seconds.


Communicate with influencers where and when it matters! Everything is organized and easy to view. We’ll notify your influencers when you send them a message. No more confusion.

Your Life In Influencer Marketing
Before and After Using CreatorPilot



You’re scratching your head, forgetting what your last message was
You’re scrolling your inbox looking for scattered messages
You’re bouncing between tabs to answer influencer questions



You’re crystal clear on past communication with every influencer
You’re accessing the critical information the influencer needs clarifying in the same screen
You’re communicating with each influencer on ONE screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

How much does it cost to use your service?

You can sign up for FREE with our Forever Free plan or upgrade to our Pay As You Need plan for $15 per month!

What if I work with a lot of brands, is there a limit?

You can use our tool kit for EVERY brand you collaborate with by upgrading to our Pay As You Need plan!

Why do I need CreatorPilot for collaborating with brands?

We give you all the tools you need in ONE convenient dashboard. Making it easy for you to stand out amongst your competition and take your business to the next level!

Can I customize my dashboard?

Yes! You can fully customize your preferences and settings.

Why should I choose your company over everyone else?

It’s a no-brainer! Because we give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in ONE place.