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Influencer Invoicing Platform

For each brand collaboration, plan your content calendar, manage invoices and organize any required messaging. Store contact details and any agreements or briefs inside each collaboration's page. 

How Do Influencer Specific Invoices Help Me?

Creating, sending and tracking invoices is a critical task to every influencer's management workflow. Sending PDF or PayPal invoices adds unnecessary steps and platforms to track invoice statuses.

  • With CreatorPilot, you can see your payment schedule, invoice due dates and payment statuses right alongside your content calendar.

  • Inside each campaign page, your payments and invoices have their own table for easy campaign specific tracking.

  • Your main dashboard shows all outstanding invoices and their due dates

  • The invoice specific dashboard gives you an overview of every invoice you send, their status and a quick view of each invoice 

How Do I Create And Send Influencer Invoices?

CreatorPilot's influencer invoicing tool is easy to use and without any additional effort on your part attributes and tracks each invoice based on its associated campaign. 

  • Inside each campaign page in the Fees table, you can schedule payments from the brand. 

  • When you are ready to send an invoice, the 'Generate Invoice' button will open the invoice pop up where you can add any additional details

  • From the next 'Preview Invoice' screen you have the option to send, make changes and turn on automated payment reminders to the brand based on the due date you have set. 


Get paid on time more often. 

  • CreatorPilot will send you multiple reminders for each invoice payment due date that you sent - 2 days before and on the date

  • You can turn on automated brand reminders for each payment due date as well to avoid chasing late payments yourself

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