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Deploy A Single Invoice Format and Payment Method For Every Influencer

Paying your influencers should be fast and easy. Painlessly receive, track, and pay invoices from all of your influencers in exactly the same format.

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Manage Your Payments For Each Influencer With Ease

Remove the headaches of catering to every influencer’s preferred invoicing format and payment method.

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Pay Your Influencers Quickly

No more nagging requests from influencers for payment. We’ll send you automated payment reminders to make sure you’re always on time (and budget!).

Easily Manage Your Invoices
Easily Manage Your Invoices

Stay organized and on top of your outstanding invoices on one convenient screen. Every invoice includes all the important details you need from each influencer.

Secure Payments
Secure Payments

All your payments are secure with Stripe. You can now make payments in the 4 main currencies (USD, CAD, GBP, and EUR). This makes it easy for you to collaborate with influencers all over the world.

Keep What You Earn
Low Payment Fees

Only pay a LOW commission. Your influencer budget is valuable, don’t give a big chunk away to greedy service fees.

One-Click Invoices
Consistent Invoice Structure

Receive the same invoice format that auto-populates based on the campaign you’ve set up. No more invoicing and payment chaos.

Your Life In Influencer Marketing
Before and After Using CreatorPilot



You’re switching between multiple screens to view and pay invoices
You’re spending too much time coordinating influencer payments
You’re confused about how invoice amount versus budgeted amount
You’re dreading paying invoices



You’re paying invoices quicker than ever with no confusion
You know how much each invoice should be based on your budget
You’re viewing and paying invoices with one simple click
You’re managing all your payment and invoices in one place

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

How much does it cost to use your service?

You can sign up for FREE with our Forever Free plan or upgrade to our Pay As You Need plan for $15 per month!

What if I work with a lot of brands, is there a limit?

You can use our tool kit for EVERY brand you collaborate with by upgrading to our Pay As You Need plan!

Why do I need CreatorPilot for collaborating with brands?

We give you all the tools you need in ONE convenient dashboard. Making it easy for you to stand out amongst your competition and take your business to the next level!

Can I customize my dashboard?

Yes! You can fully customize your preferences and settings.

Why should I choose your company over everyone else?

It’s a no-brainer! Because we give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in ONE place.