Influencer Management Dashboard

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Influencer Management Dashboard

For each brand collaboration, plan your content calendar, manage invoices and organize any required messaging. Store contact details and any agreements or briefs inside each collaboration's page. 

Why Do I Need An Influencer Dashboard?

An influencer dashboard that is specific to the workflow influencers have to manage when partnering with brands eliminates the need for various tools and information spread across multiple apps. As you work with more brands and your rates increase, it becomes more and more important to have structure and reliability in your management process.


  • With CreatorPilot, a quick glance will show you all of your active campaigns, upcoming due dates on your content calendars and unpaid invoices. 

  • These sections will also show relevant information to each item such as colour-coded due dates and which campaign it is associated with.

How Does The Influencer Dashboard Help Me?

With everything in one place and accessible on both your computer and mobile phone, your influencer business will be on organizational autopilot. No need to worry about losing your planner,  juggling multiple Google Sheets or endless trips back and forth to your inbox.

  • Clicking on any item listed on your dashboard will take you directly to the campaign page associated with that campaign. 

  • One visit to your dashboard will give you an overview of the 2 most important parts of your influencer business - upcoming dates on your content calendar and unpaid invoices. 


As an influencer you run a service business, staying on top of everything is critical to sustained success.

  • CreatorPilot will send you notifications for upcoming due dates on your content calendar as well as reminders for upcoming payments you are due to receive from brands

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