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  • You spend less time managing and organizing your brand collaborations

  • You have everything you need to manage your collaborations in one place

  • You remove inefficiencies in your workflow 

  • You are able to manage more collaborations

  • You reduce the chance of errors and additional revisions

  • Move quickly from your content calendar and sending invoices to automated followups. 



  • You spend too much time moving between various apps and platforms

  • You use a different app or platform for each task

  • You increase the chance of errors

  • You add unnecessary steps to your workflow

  • You can be overwhelmed managing multiple brand collaborations at once 

  • You have to at times dig through an email chain to find requirements from a past email

Build & Manage Your Content Calendars

For each campaign, set up your content calendar and save critical details you'll need later. 

Receive Automated Reminders

CreatorPilot will send you automated reminders for each due date you set up in your content calendar.

Create, Send & Follow Up On Invoices  

Easily create and send invoices. Track unpaid invoices and automate payment followups.

Save & Export Analytics

Add content analytics from social media and export them to the brand with 1 click - without the need to connect your social accounts.

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