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Get Your Content Approved FAST with One-Click Draft Content Approvals

It’s now MUCH easier to get your content approved thanks to one-click approvals and change requests. Plus, you can easily track and manage all your drafts.

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Draft All Your Content Approvals on ONE Convenient Dashboard

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Draft Content Approvals

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Get Your Content Approved Faster

All it takes is one click! Submit ANY content (images, videos, text files) for faster approval on a convenient dashboard.

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One-Click Approvals and Change Requests

Make it simple and easy for brands to approve or send a change request.

Work Smarter
Work Smarter

Stay on top of all your drafts. Easily track the dates of your content approvals or change requests. Now you will always know you are working with the most recent drafts.

Make Things Simple
Make Things SIMPLE

No more unnecessary documents or long back and forth emails for simple tasks. Finally, you can easily communicate in one spot. Brands will get automated real-time updates on your progress.

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Your Life as an Influencer
Before and After Using CreatorPilot



You’re spending hours digging through your inbox
Your drafts are taking FOREVER to get approved
You’re confused about which draft you’re working on
You’re using WAY too many email chains and documents



You’re ONLY spending the time it takes to send a simple update
Your content is approved before lunch, thanks to one-click approvals
You’re ALWAYS working on the most recent drafts
You’re using ONE easy-to-manage dashboard for all your drafts

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

How much does it cost to use your service?

You can sign up for FREE with our Forever Free plan or upgrade to our Pay As You Need plan for $15 per month!

What if I work with a lot of brands, is there a limit?

You can use our tool kit for EVERY brand you collaborate with by upgrading to our Pay As You Need plan!

Why do I need CreatorPilot for collaborating with brands?

We give you all the tools you need in ONE convenient dashboard. Making it easy for you to stand out amongst your competition and take your business to the next level!

Can I customize my dashboard?

Yes! You can fully customize your preferences and settings.

Why should I choose your company over everyone else?

It’s a no-brainer! Because we give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in ONE place.