Campaign Document Storage

See How It Works

For each brand collaboration, plan your content calendar, manage invoices and organize any required messaging. Store contact details and any agreements or briefs inside each collaboration's page. 

Why Do I Need Campaign Agreements And Briefs?

Brand collaborations are a business agreement between and influencer and a brand. It is important to outline and agree on the scope of work as well as payment terms in writing - making sure everyone's interests are looked after. 

  • Often these documents are signed or received and only ever referred to when needed.

  • Briefs and agreements should be stored so that you have easy access to them in case you need to clarify any guidelines in the brief or confirm pricing in the agreement. 

How Do I Store My Briefs And Agreements?

We have built document storage and easy access to them into CreatorPilot.

  • Inside each campaign page, you can upload, store and access campaign documents.  

  • Storing your documents along side your content calendar, invoicing and content messaging gives you everything you need to manage your collaborations in one place.