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Content Messaging Planner

For each brand collaboration, plan your content calendar, manage invoices and organize any required messaging. Store contact details and any agreements or briefs inside each collaboration's page. 

How Do I Organize My Content Messaging?

The messaging you use in your content helps to tell the story you are conveying to your audience. In addition to your own ideas, most briefs you receive will include some kind of required messaging -  hashtags, brand tag or product features.

  • With CreatorPilot, you can build out and store campaign messaging for every campaign you manage. Saving you time digging through your inbox for an email or brief to find a certain messaging point. 

  • Campaign messaging can be quickly edited or deleted as your creative process develops.

  • From time to time, brands will change a hashtag or feature they would like you to feature which can be easily updated.

Why Should I Save My Content Messaging?

The influencer marketing process breaks down when simple and avoidable errors are made. These errors can be missed during the approval process and then discovered later on. Having a list of messaging points taken straight from the brief and easily accessible eliminates anything being missed. 

  • In a long term partnership often many emails are exchanged and things can get buried in your inbox.  

  • Even after a campaign is makred as completed inside CreatorPilot, you will have quick access to all past campaign details to reference for future campaigns.

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