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For each brand collaboration, plan your content calendar, manage invoices and organize any required messaging. Store contact details and any agreements or briefs inside each collaboration's page. 

How Do I Set Up A Content Calendar?

Content calendars are the backbone of every influencer's management process. Knowing what content is going to be shared, when it is going to be shared and which brand is sponsoring the content is critical to coordinating brand collaborations. 


  • With CreatorPilot, you can plan content calendars for every brand collaboration you are managing.

  • Inside each campaign page you set dates and give a name or description to each due date you create.

  • Your main dashboard will then show you all of the due dates on your content calendar in order from the closest occurring date

How Do I Manage A Content Calendar?

Effectively managing your content calendar will save you time, eliminate stress and give you the organization needed to partner with more brands simultaneously. 

  • Visiting your main dashboard will show you a master list of all of the scheduled due dates on your content calendar for every collaboration you are managing. 

  • Every due date on you content calendar will show a colour-coded background of the actual date. If it is green, the due date is in the future. If it is red, it is overdue. 

  • Clicking on any of the due dates will take you directly to the campaign page associated with that due date. 


A content calendar is only effective if you remember to follow it. 

  • CreatorPilot will send you multiple reminders for every date on your content calendar - 2 days before and on the date

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