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Make a Friends List on Facebook: Things You Need To Know

by CreatorPilot Team

Make a Friends List on Facebook

Bloggers and influencers live busy lifestyles on and off social media.
Stay updated and organised with your online friend lists; this helps take away from the busy hustle and bustle that you might already be experiencing.

What does a friends list on Facebook entail?

The list is a custom privacy tool that Facebook has introduced.
You can control who views your content and the capacity they interact with the content.
The friend list on Facebook is a helpful, custom feature that any blogger or influencer should consider using. It helps you manage the friends you have on your Facebook account and keep them on there (while restricting the content they can view).

How do I make, create and curate a friends list on Facebook?

How to make a Facebook friends list

  • The most obvious first step is to have a (private) Facebook account already set up.
  • Once you have logged into your Facebook account on your computer, you should select the ‘see more’ option tab and select ‘friend lists.’
  • Next, you will get the option to ‘create a list.’
  • Enter the name of your list, for example, if your extended family, then name the list ‘extended family’ if it is your high school friends, name it ‘high school friends.’
  • You may then begin to add members to the list. These members are the friends (or people) you wish to have on this list.
  • You will be required to manage the list and create different lists (for different people in your life).
  • You can edit the list according to the friends you wish to have on the list(s). You will also have the power to delete friends that you no longer wish to have on the list.

Remember, you hold the power to control and manage the friends on the list. We suggest:

  • Having a separate list for close friends;
  • Having a separate list for acquaintances;
  • Having a separate list for family members.

You can also have a restricted list. If you want to avoid certain followers engaging with your content then the restricted list allows you to do so.

It may be necessary to have a list of people you do not want interacting with your content such as a boss or a co-worker/employee on the restricted list.

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    But do I need it?

    Control who sees your Facebook posts with a Facebook friends list

    You want to separate your ‘professional’ and ‘personal’ lives from one another. One way of doing this is to make your social media accounts separate. If your Instagram page is where you post your collaborations and brand deals, then your Facebook page is where your close family and friends can keep up with your life outside of work.

    You want to keep your private life private, away from prying eyes and ‘fans’ but still keep your loved ones updated on the ongoings in your life. But bear in mind that people in the list may be able to save, screenshot or screen record the content you are posting on the lists.

    HOWEVER, Facebook friend lists can also be used for business purposes. If your Facebook page is (also) a part of your influencing platform, then you can set up a list for fans or your audience.
    This will help them feel ‘closer to you as they will feel like they are personally able to engage with you is always a good thing!

    Although not every one of your online friends is your real-life friend, having a connection with your audience makes you more relatable. This connection will play to your advantage as you (attempt) to further your influencer or blogging career(s).