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Influencer Media Kits (and why you should make one)

by CreatorPilot Team

Influencer Media Kits

Posting consistently to your account and learning the application’s algorithm will work to your benefit; you have to show brands that come across your account that you have the ‘look’ to fit their ‘aesthetic.’
As an influencer, you should know your audience.
You should be able to convince brands to reach out to you to collaborate/partner up with you and work with you as an influencer partner based on your social media.
But when you reach out to a brand the situation is entirely different; you must convince the brand you are reaching out to pick you as an influencer partner.
It is not enough to have an aesthetic social media page; it will be necessary for you to consider an Influencer media kit.

What is an influencer media kit?

It may sound difficult, but an Influencer kit is nothing more than your digital portfolio.
It presents your social media work and presence compressed into one page.
When you are reaching out to a brand or another influencer to collaborate with, you share your Influencer media kit with them; it can be in the form of a website or the form of a pdf.
First impressions count -the Influencer media kit includes information about your brand, what projects you have worked on in the past.

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    What should you include in your Influencer media kit?

    1. The Design
    As aforementioned first impressions count; ensure that your Influencer kit’s template is eye-catching (visually appealing), easy to read while representing an extension of your brand.
    The design of the media kid template includes relevant information, photography or imagery; you want your targeted audience to consume your content.
    A few things to consider (to achieve this) are: having ample space between your header and written text and your written text and any graphics or photography included in the kit.

    2. Social media statistics, demographics and insights
    Since this media kit is designed for influencers, you should include the number of followers you have on social media – like details about your audience demographic and details about your website statistics.
    Why is this important?

    • A brand needs to understand the extent to your audience reach, which is why mentioning the number of followers on one or all of your social media platforms is imperative.
    • By including the demographic you have, a brand will be able to get a sense of your outreach and whether you are suited to be their brand ambassador or not. If you are working with a sustainable clothing brand, for example, they will opt for a photo-sharing application like Instagram so that you can showcase the outfits without making it feel like an ‘ad.’
      If you have a higher subscriber count on YouTube, you can work with an application like Audible or Skillshare, where you can talk about the application in a vlog or a skit form.
    • By including your metrics, statistics and analytics, you can create a ‘report’ that you are changing and updating depending on the brand you are reaching out to.
      So, do not be afraid to sell your brand and yourself.

    3. Testimonials
    If you have previously worked with one or several brands, include it! Whether it was
    attending the launch of an event, a mention on your social media or a full-scale campaign helps sell your pitch to the brand.


    Whether you are a smaller or bigger influencer, you should consider creating a media kit; it acts as a digestible portfolio to send to brands and helps you keep track of your work.
    REMEMBER, to include your personality in the Influencer media kit. Be it a quirky statement, the actual design of the template or your past work that showcases you the most accurately.
    The website, Later, offers a free media kit template for influencers struggling to create their own.