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Making A Link Clickable In My Blog

by CreatorPilot Team

How to Add Clickable Links in Your Blog?

So, you’ve started your blog and are trying to find ways to push your work out.
There are several ways of doing so – that we have previously looked at.
One other method that we suggest is to consider including a clickable link in your article(s).

What is a clickable link?

A clickable link, also known as a hyperlink, is a link that you can insert in your blog or article that your audience can click on. After you click on the link it will redirect you to a different web address or browser window (it depends on the contents of the link).
Simply put, a clickable link is a navigation tool for your audience.

How do you make a clickable link?

How to add clickable links to your blog posts
The text application that you are using will not matter as the method/steps are the same. As this article is making mention to creating a clickable link for a blog the application we will be referring to is WordPress:

    • On WordPress, you open the page or post you are modifying. Choose the ‘visual mode’ option in the toolbar.
      After, you will choose to copy and paste the ‘anchor text’ – the word, phrase, or sentence that you are embedding into the hyperlink.
    • After highlighting the anchor text, one option that will appear is to add a link. Copy and paste the URL (web address or link) into the dialogue box. Ensure that you have copied the whole link of the web address – otherwise, the desired web page may not appear if it is not complete.
      The URL should display the HTTPS:// at the beginning.
    • If the hyperlink successfully embeds into the anchor text, then this part of the text will be highlighted or underlined – it will look different to the rest of the blog.

When you click on this highlighted portion of the text, the link will open either in the same tab or in a new window.

  • You can edit, alter and delete an already existing clickable link even after the blog goes live.

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    Why should I consider adding a clickable link to my blog?

    adding internal and external links
    If you are still not convinced about why you should add, create or include a clickable link to your blog, then consider the following:

    • A blog should not be lengthy as the reader may lose interest in what you are saying.
      (Remember to summarise your blog article as much as possible!)
      Hyperlinks are a sure way of adding that extra information to your blog; you can include your source material in a way that is convenient for your audience to find – literally at the click of a button!
      This way, you can reiterate a point you are trying to make in the text without the blog being too lengthy.
    • You can make references to your previous articles in the new article through clickable links.
      You avoid repeating yourself in your newer articles; instead, you can refer back to your older articles that speak on the same matters.
      If you get a new reader on your latest blog post, they can get access to your older content by clicking on the hyperlink.

    But ask yourself do you need to include a clickable link?

    If it is not:

    • an older blog post you have written;
    • a social media link;
    • a specific website you are referring to (with information);
    • a landing page;

    Then it probably does not need to be (included) as a clickable link.