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What is CreatorPilot?

CreatorPilot is an alternative to manual influencer campaign management via spreadsheets, email, etc (it isn't another influencer discovery, analytics or marketplace platform).

ISave time and frustration by managing all your influencers and campaigns on one easy-to-use platform regardless of how big or small your influencer program is.

Manage Your Influencer Campaigns in 3 Easy Steps


Depending on the size of your campaign, upload your influencer list via CSV or each influencer one-by-one to get started.


Add your campaign deliverables, required messaging, budget management and more. As you do this, CreatorPilot will populate each influencer's own dashboard in real time.


With a single click you can share each influencer's dashboard with them. Your done! Your campaign is now underway!

With CreatorPilot, Have Complete Control.
Save 20+ Hours a Week When Managing Your Influencer Campaigns.

Automated Notifications

No more panicky late-night wakeups. Set up content calendars for every influencer, view them by collaboration or all in one screen. They'll receive automated reminders 2 days before and on each due date that you set.

Better Team Communication

No more long email chains! Instead of spending an hour in vain in your inbox, each influencer gets its own dashboard too. That means they get automated real-time updates on your requests and all of your messages in one spot.

Easy Invoicing and Billing

Sick and tired of every influencer sending a different invoice format? What about different payment methods? With CreatorPilot, there’s a single invoice and payment format for every influencer. Paying influencer invoices has never been easier.
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Why you should Join?
Some benefits of CreatorPilot’s Beta program include:

Gain early access to the latest updates so you can evaluate new product features and enhancements

As part of the Beta program, you get access to new features before they're generally available so that you can validate and test those features directly in your environment. You can then identify and fix any concerns before the features are officially released, saving you precious time and preventing any production issues later on. When the update is made publicly available, you'll be ready to take advantage of all the new capabilities.

Interact with design and development

The product designers, architects, developers, and testers are integrated into the Beta program to help support the participants. They can assist you with any issues that you might encounter. You can also request an advocate to work with you during the process and post questions on the Beta forum.

Collaborate with other Beta customers

The Beta program includes group meetings that provide you with an opportunity to interact with other program participants about your configuration and testing experiences with the beta features. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences with the development team.

Participate in product education

The Beta program provides the participants with education on the new features and functions that are available in a Beta. The education is usually done in presentation form on a web conference where you can get a head start in learning about the capabilities.

Be part of a selected group of early adopters.

As a member of CreatorPilot's Beta program, you will have full access to all of our features.

Sign-up today to our Beta Program to secure your slot.

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Samantha Brown

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Wow! This is the platform that saves my agency 20 hours a week.

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CreatorPilot is the platform that all agencies should use. Goodbye spreadsheets!

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Product Manager

Excited to run another influencer campaign! CreatorPilots simply works for my agency.